We've worked with a number of corporations, organisations and NGOs to craft films highlighting social problems that are being fought, and to shine a light on the solutions being put in place - both in South Africa and the rest of the continent.

Our team is able to work efficiently and with sensitivity in high-paced environments in order to capture what is needed, creating everything from character-led films to training videos to event coverage.

A comprehensive pre-production period ensures our stories are aligned with the clients' ideas, on which we can provide guidance and input to achieve greater cinematic results.  This knowledge also allows us to be adaptable on set should complications arise.

Teaching at the Right Level

Teaching at the Right Level is an education programme pioneered by education NGO Pratham and implemented as a pilot in Zambia by J-PAL.  The programme seeks to ensure that each child in the early primary school grades have successfully mastered the foundations needed for later study and helping those that haven't to catch up.

We spent two weeks in Zambia filming an overview of the programme to demonstrate its methodology and and effectiveness, as well as creating ten training films to help future practitioners master this method.


Sometimes the line between work and leisure really does blur, as we found when we visited the ancient town of Hoi An, shooting short teaser for travel magazine Go & Travel.  It's a place boasting a long history, the old buildings lining lantern-lit streets.

A feast for the eyes is complemented by a feast for the stomach, with restaurants serving the tastiest authentic Vietnamese food and vendors offering souvenirs of every kind.


South African Low Emissions Development Program, in partnership with the City of Cape and USAID are seeking sustainable housing developments in areas in danger of gentrification.  To this end a conference was held in Cape Town, bringing together experts and stakeholders to discuss potential actionable solutions to these concerns, looking particularly at the Woodstock/ Salt River area.

Our team was on hand as delegates discussed the topic and underwent site visits to get a first hand understanding of the problems. 


Hello Doctor provides 24 hour doctor access via your mobile phone in order to provide medical advice without having to endure wasted time in the waiting room.

Their philosophy is to actively promote health and prevention and to this end we produced a series of short health tips to flight on KykNet's morning show, Die Groot Ontbyt, covering topics from weight loss to cancer prevention.

To see more of our films please follow the Vimeo link at the bottom of the page.